How do I Update my Garmin Map

Donnerstag, 11. April 2019

Free Garmin Map Updates

Garmin map update. Garmin map update. Garmin map update.

Garmin, which means it. This independent board wants to work with any owner of GPS products for the Nuvi GPS and Zumo Motorcycle system want to be 100% official and reliable.


Garmin GPS map updates for free

Garmin provides free map updates as part of the nuMaps guarantee. NuMaps allows customers to obtain an update to the Nuvi map for free and establishes the following:

"Simply connect your new Garmin Nuvi or visit within 90 days of Obtaining your first satellite while driving with your device and you can see if there is a free map update available."

What does this mean? Garmin update is offering a one-time free upgrade for the first three months of using and using their Nuvi GPS. It's a very good and downloading Garmin map updates has never been so easy. You can download updates for the free Garmin map if:

  • You can connect your GPS device to your computer and visit within 90 days of receiving the satellite signal (in other words, use it in your car).
  • 90 days after the satellite signal was decoded.

How to download free updates of Garmin maps

The process of using the nuMaps offer is very simple. On the Garmin site, in the Map Update section, be sure to choose the NuMaps warranty option. Then you want to get the serial number of your Nuvi or Zumo GPS.

After performing some smart testing, the Garmin update site will ask you to access your current myGarmin account or create an account. Once you do, you can access Garmin GPS products in a few easy steps:

  1. Log in to your myGarmin account using your Nuvi via a USB cable.
  2. You are looking for notifications on the home tab.
  3. To download a free Garmin map update , click on "Order now".
  4. Click on "Get free update"
  5. Select from the available options, including Download or Disk (we prefer to download the map because it is faster and easier).
  6. Once you click on the download option, the Garmin map update application will start downloading to your computer or Mac. Save it to your desktop and, once you've downloaded it completely, you must click twice. .

Installing Garmin free map updates

Assuming you downloaded the Garmin Map Update application on your desktop, you should run this program. The following steps will take you through the entire process.

In a very short overview, the following should occur:

  1. Make sure the Nuvi GPS is connected to the computer with a USB cable.
  2. Run the Garmin Map Update application by double-clicking on it.
  3. Select the Garmin Nuvi GPS you want to install and update the free map on it.
  4. Accept any license agreement.
  5. You may now need the product key from your device.
  6. If you have enough space in your GPS, so you accept this message box.
  7. It wants to be easy to understand the rest of the process. Once it is accepted, it will start downloading and installing the free update of the Garmin map.

Free map updates for Garmin GPS

Garmin Nuvi GPS. Garmin map updates. Note that the nuMaps warranty only applies to any other Garmin device.

We always recommend that you download the Garmin GPS Map directly from the manufacturer so that you can not download any product or any warranty you may have.

Please note did if you are not eligible for free Garmin update , we have also assigned a section on this site for standard Garmin map updates. They are profitable, so you should be able to get a new map update for free or at no cost.

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